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How does JobRocket help job seekers find a job?

JobRocket speeds up the job search process by optimising your CV for every job you apply for. Once you’ve uploaded your CV, you search for jobs on the JobRocket database, which includes tens of thousands of jobs on both the JobRocket and major UK job search sites. The unique JobRocket machine learning algorithm instantly evaluates key elements in your CV against each job position and generates constructive feedback. With the feedback, you tailor your CV to the job applied for, helping to bypass the Applicant Tracking Systems used by employers when screening applications. Read More...

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Put yourself in the top-tier of candidates

Employers use recruiting software (Applicant Tracking Systems) to screen job applications. They match your CV with keywords in job descriptions. The fewer keywords on your CV, the less likely you are to get an interview.

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Pass the 7 seconds test

Impress hiring managers and recruiting software. With JobRocket’s feedback, you update your CV to better match the requirements and increase your chances of securing that dream job.

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Optimise your CV with relevant keywords

In the same way that SEO boosts websites up search engine rankings, JobRocket boosts your CV up ATS rankings by telling you which words to include. So, if you’re applying for engineering jobs, the ATS will look for words like ‘project engineer’ and ‘Prince2’ and overlook words like ‘confident’ and ‘team player’.

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Apply for as many jobs as you want

Using JobRocket is not only quick and easy, there are no limits to the amount of jobs you can apply for. Each time you apply for a job, the JobRocket optimiser tool will scan your CV and send you suggested improvements to increase your job match score.